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Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

Scrutiny has an important role to play in providing local accountability, openness and involvement in decision-making, aiming to improve results for people in Taunton Deane.

The Committee scrutinises Performance Management; particular Key Decisions and other aspects of Executive activity; and review or scrutinise the performance of the Council in relation to its policy objectives, performance targets and/or particular service areas.

The full role and functions of the Committee are set out within the Council's Constitution together with the Terms of Reference.

Scrutiny Committee

The Overview and Scrutiny Role (often called 'Scrutiny') was introduced to help ensure the voice of the community is heard during the local council decision making process. Scrutiny was introduced to act as balance to the Executive - Scrutiny is here to ensure public accountability and reflect the needs and concerns of the residents of Taunton Deane through considering issues prior to decisions being taken and reviewing the effectiveness of public service delivery.

Scrutiny is undertaken by one committee of 15 elected Taunton Deane Councillors - appointed in political balance. Please view agendas and minutes for Scrutiny Committee for further information.

Scrutiny can:

·         Scrutinise decisions and actions to ensure accountability to the public

·         Review and develop Council policies, helping the Executive with policy development

·         Scrutinise the Council's performance and use of finance and resources

·         Examine services delivered by other public service providers in the community

·         Scrutinise the implementation of current policies

·         Scrutiny acts as a ‘critical friend’, providing support to make sure decisions are carried out correctly and sometimes recommending different or extra courses of action


Scrutiny work programme

The Scrutiny process connects decision makers to local people and involves the community whenever possible.

To ensure continuous improvement of our services, we would like our residents to get involved with the Scrutiny process - this is your chance to influence decisions about how your public services are delivered to you. If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved please contact us.


Contact information

Support officer: Marcus Prouse.

Phone: 01823 219570